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Action, Chase

The scene is a deleted scene from the film Iron Man. In the scene, a business executive is traveling with a military unit in Afghanistan. The unit is ambushed and the executive is taken captive. Score the ambush sequence with action music.

Sneaking Around

Meet the Parents is the comedic story of a well-meaning but hapless male nurse named Greg. During the deleted scene, Greg follows the family cat under the house. As he makes his way through the crawlspace, he hears the family above discussing their disapproval of him.

Magical, Fantasy

The deleted scene takes place in the woods. A man is running from a magical wizard capable of casting spells. The man owes the wizard a debt. When the man can't pay, the wizard casts a spell on him—to sleep for one hundred years.

Slow drama

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tells the story of a news reporter and private pilot as they track down the nefarious villain Dr. Totenkopf. The news reporter is named Polly Perkins and the private pilot is named Joe Sullivan. In the deleted scene, Polly and Joe inspect a room where Dr. Totenkopf had previously tortured slaves.


In the deleted scene, several of Helen's trendy friends stop by for a visit. They've brought gifts, including a designer handbag. In the middle of the visit, a cockroach scampers across the floor. As Helen and her friends scream, one of the children—an unfazed young boy—kills the cockroach by smashing it with the new designer handbag.



The deleted scene from House of Usher. In the scene, a young girl is walking through a yard as a maid watches her from a house. The girl sits behind a tree to read a letter and is startled by a crow.

High Intensity, Action

The deleted scene takes place on one of the arcs. The arc is drifting uncontrollably towards an icy shoreline. The engines are disabled, as a fallen piece of equipment is jamming one of the engines doors. When the scene starts, one of the main characters is shown underwater removing the jam. The door shuts and the engines restart—but not in time to prevent a crash.

Suspenseful, scary

Iron Man is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man.

In this scene, the enemy ambushes Stark's envoy. At the end of the ambush, he is injured by an exploding bomb. The scene then transitions to a hostage situation, with the terrorists holding the captive Stark ransom

Sad Ballad

The deleted scene is a conversation between Lady Marion and her father-in-law, Sir Walter of Nottingham. In their conversation, Sir Walter states his belief that his son Robert is dead. Robert is Lady Marion's husband. Lady Marion does not share Sir Walter's belief and states so—albeit with concern and anxiety.

Moderate Action

The scene takes place on one of the arcs. The characters driving the arc are having mechanical problems. A video surveillance shows people trying to make their way onto the arc, causing the mechanical problems. An argument ensues on the control deck, after which the characters there go off to solve the problem.

Sad, Drama

The scene is a deleted scene from the film  Ahkeelah and the Bee. Ahkeelah is a girl who excels in spelling and competes in spelling contests. In the scene, she is studying words. She looks up to see a picture of her father, who is deceased. She then has a flashback to moments involving her father's passing.

Love, Romance

Sense and Sensibility is a romantic drama set in 18th-century England.

In the deleted scene, a man and a woman go for a walk in nature. As they walk, the man professes his love for the woman, and then they kiss.

Lyrical, heroism

The film 2012 depicts the end of the world caused by natural events that lead to massive earthquakes and floods.

The scene takes place as catastrophe begins to unfold. The President of the United States is sitting in his office. He and his assistant reminisce about the past, including their first campaign together. Then they decide to draft an emergency broadcast to address the nation regarding the impending disaster.

Adventure, hero

The Living Daylights is a James Bond film. In the film, Bond assists a top Soviet general defect. After the general is abducted from his hiding place, Bond goes on a series of adventures and chases to unravel the mystery.

The deleted scene is a chase that takes place in Morocco. Among gunfire, Bond uses a flying carpet and hops a ride on a motorcycle to escape.

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