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Say Cheese by Philip Mcnroe Rakesh

"Jessa finds pictures of herself, on her phone, taken while she was asleep. The mystery surrounding these pictures unravels as she confronts her boyfriend."

Sound Design by Sonia Mokhtari

Charlie's buck teeth A film by Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang.

Sound Design by Sonia MOKHTARI

Charlie, a little boy with ridiculous big teeth, always hides behind his scarf to avoid the teasing from his classmates. But one day, his scarf flies away into the forest, force him to look for it... and also push him to start on a magical journey!

Captain toothpick by Lucie Le Cottier, Audrey Vignal, Victor Crétois et Clara Perrissol

Sound Design and Audio Mixing by Sonia MOKHTARI


Music and Sound Design and by Sonia MOKHTARI


« Dans une famille de super-vilains, un enfant se confronte à la tradition familiale en souhaitant être gentil,
sa mère va lutter face à ce désir contre-nature. »

Music and Sound Design by Sonia MOKHTARI

TEA TIME is an Animated Short created and realized by

Music and Sound Design by Sonia MOKHTARI

Lucha Grampa is an Animated Short created and realized by Manon PELLIZZARI / Amandine PIELAWSKI / David CAPUSANO / Ruddy BUCH / Kévin DUFOUR
Music and Sound Design by Sonia MOKHTARI

Music and Sound Mixing by Sonia Mokhtari

Female friendly is a thoughtful, female-driven comedy that uses humor to promote sex and body positivity and transcend gender and ethnic stereotypes! Additionally, we have a rockstar crew that is composed of 90% women. We're swimming in a pool of estrogen and we LOVE it

Danny and The Wild Bunch

International Film competition of Zurich 2019

RE-Scoring Submission

Music and Orchestration by Sonia Mokhtari